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Content measurement is the process of collecting data around content marketing initiatives. 

Brands create content because it will help inform, educate or provide utility to potential customers. And if a brand can achieve that, customers will reward them, with brand awareness, loyalty, purchase intent or purchase. Measurement should reflect these objectives.

Before proceeding further, if you do not know enough about content measurement, I recommend the following articles.


The most common content metrics

Two metrics that pop up time and time again are Reach and Consumption. They help helps answer the questions; “Did I reach enough people and did they consume the content?” IF you capture your audiences’ attention, then everything else is easy.

How much should you invest in measurement? 

Top performers invest as much as 5x more than their peers in measurement. 


How does content measurement work? 

Most content brands content lives in two places, on their own websites and social media. Solutions to measure content in these places, either connect via API to the social networks to collect additional data, or connect to your website through the placement of code on the content.

When it comes to measurement, there is also a couple of subcategories, site analytics and content analytics. Site analytics is geared towards measuring people coming to your website. Content analytics goes a bit deeper in to the performance of the content. Often marketers are using multiple platforms to get as much data as they can.

Others can include click trackers or surveys.


Looking forward, content continues to blur the lines

What makes it difficult is the landscape continues to change. The definition of content is blurring, as marketers build apps with content, digital experiences, virtual events. Which keeps marketers and analysts on their toes as to the best way to measure success.

When you have effective measurement in place, it means you can start to operationalize some of the following content behaviors that drive the top performers.