Content Marketing Metrics
Content Marketing Metrics

Measuring content is hard, because often there isn’t an arbitrary answer. Content marketing is art & science AND business. This post dives in to metrics.

What types of metrics should you use?

  • People, how many real people are consuming your content. 
  • Attention, seeing how much attention people pay to your content. 
  • Bounce, whether people are engaging with your content or not.
  • Avg Scroll, the average scroll on each piece of content.
  • Social engagement, seeing how many shares your content creates. 
  • Conversion rate, the rate at which people take action after consuming your content.
  • Time of day, seeing what time of day is best for your audience to engage.

Explore more in our content marketing glossary.

Most content metrics can be grouped in to a few categories.

  • Performance; unique people, or reach, impressions or page views, bounce, scroll, drop off, leads, conversion rate, purchases, video views, completion
  • Feedback; engagement, social shares, earned impressions, virality
  • Insights; time of day, day of week, audience insights, emoji usage, sentiment.