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Our aim is to be generous and offer as much as we can so that most users can access what we have to offer. We want to keep the tools the big guys use, available to all.


For most use cases



  • All the features: measurement
  • Unlimited storage
  • Access to last 30 days of data
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Where you need a bit more


Per thousand people
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  • Everything included in free and:
  • Unlock retention beyond last 30 days, to all time.
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Where you need a bit more help


Minimum platform spend required

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No lock-in agreements

All of our agreements have fair, honest and transparent pricing. If youโ€™re not getting the value you need from the platform you can cancel anytime.


To start measuring with Nudge, all you need to do is add a tracking code to the domains you want to measure. Once the code is live, data will start flowing into the dashboard.

You may upgrade or downgrade through the billing panel.

Use our ROI calculator to understand what return looks like for your business.

Please review our metrics & terminology page.