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How Nudge compares

Nudge has been built for the modern web; for a multi-device, multi-tab, multi-tasking web. You see that; in the metrics we gather, the insights we bring and the easy to use experience. We believe data can only add value, if you use it, which is our aim.

We don’t believe analytics should be something installed once and forgotten about. That’s a disservice to your customers, who express feedback through their actions. Analytics works best, when it keeps you informed of what’s happening. And that means we have to deliver a simple, informative experience, to make it easy for you to do your job.

Here’s how we compare to traditional analytics.

Compared to Traditional Analytics

Why is this important?

More user friendly and easy to understand.

Anyone on your team needs to be able to pick and run with Nudge. We believe the best tool is the one you use. No need for lengthy training or certification.

Generates insights that makes you smarter.

Business operates at lightspeed these days, coming to the table with insights puts you in the driver’s seat.

Simple metrics that focus on customer engagement.

The only truth is what customers engage in. No customers, no business.

Faster and light weight tracking code execution. Our payload is 60%-90% smaller than traditional systems.

Lighter and faster code means you collect more data on more customers.

Continual improvements to the product.

The only constant is change, an analytics system which keeps pace is important.

Respects customers’ privacy, leverages first party cookies and does not sell your data for others to advertise against.

Customers come first and they just want to see what you’ve got, why it’s important, not sign their life away. And you don’t want to feed your data so competitors can leverage it in their campaigns.

Most folks use multiple tools and there’s no reason not to try another. You can start for free, in fact you might learn something new.