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Built by marketers to address a gap: better workflow, reporting and optimization for content.

Nudge provides specific tools for running content-focused campaigns across multiple publishers. Our mission is to enable our clients to do their best work, transparently and efficiently.

Software instead of Excel

By having all of your data in one place — with unified master metrics — you can get a transparent view of what is actually working, on your own terms.

This also saves time in terms of your team’s workflow and allows them to focus on insights and value, not pulling data.

A clear, intuitive dashboard

Nudge gets you from insight to action, quickly, through a clear and intuitive dashboard. This allows marketers to allocate spend behind the winners, and make necessary improvements to under-performing assets.

In a world of increasingly chaotic campaigns with many moving parts, Nudge helps optimize spend — and minimize waste.

An easy install

Nudge is a simple piece of code that is easy to install and get up and running.

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What Clients Say

Colin Nagy

Colin Nagy

Executive Director, Media & Distribution, Barbarian Group
I would recommend Nudge reporting for campaigns that extend across multiple platforms and destinations. It was integral to our entire team and helped the client understand just how successful our campaign was, in which channels, and why.
Jennifer Sun

Jennifer Sun

Product Manager at The Atlantic
Nudge is an easy-to-use product, they offer great support and had a deep understanding of our client needs and the market.
Harry Inglis

Harry Inglis

Campaign Manager at Protein
I would recommend Nudge to any agency or vendor looking to make content a core part of their offering. Clients want relevant performance metrics and actionable insights for the often significant spends associated with bespoke content creation. Nudge delivers this.

Case Studies

Read how Nudge has helped companies like yours.

Delta Faucet case study

How Nudge worked with Spark Foundry to demonstrate the success of their influencer content campaigns together with Delta Faucet.

The Atlantic case study

A guide to native content success in partnership with The Atlantic. Find out how Nudge worked with The Atlantic to demonstrate the success of their content campaigns.

General Electric case study

Find out how Nudge helped GE measure their Drop Science campaign over a mix of 70 different owned, earned and paid content websites.

Don Julio case study

How Nudge helped Protein with a consistent measure of performance across the Don Julio campaign.

Bloggers Club case study

How Nudge helped Bloggers Club measure over 30 pieces of content allowing real time optimization and insights.

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We provide reliable, transparent data to the complex nature of content marketing

Reduce waste

Improve efficiency straight away by removing bot traffic, click fraud.

Improve performance

Compare against our industry benchmarks to identify where you sit. Use our insights to find more of what’s working and do that.

Drive business outcomes

Understand what is driving business outcomes and optimize accordingly.

All of these are reasons why you should own the data.

Why content?

In a marketing world of bits and bytes - the only thing that stands out is the message. The content.
  • 63 percent of consumers agree that personal, relevant content improves how they feel about the brand associated with it - Reuters study.
  • Two-thirds of consumers trust branded content more than traditional advertising - Time Inc. study.
  • The average piece of native content earns 48 seconds of attention, which is more than the average TV commercial - Nudge benchmarks.
Explore the best content of 2018, 2017, 2016 (we’ve been doing this a while).

Why Nudge?

We are the domain experts, content is our focus, we think of it as served up on a silver platter. We provide your teams with the right tools to drive value and scale from your investments. Explore our platform here.

We are value chain friendly. Nudge works at each part of the content value chain, from your internal teams, agencies and content partners. Using Nudge allows you to gain full transparency through the stack.

The balance of art and science. Content at its best, blends the world’s of art and science. On the one hand, you need the most creative minds to create the most gripping content, but you also need unified, reliable and transparent data to truly understand what pushes customers buttons. By combining art with science, you have a clear competitive advantage.