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What you actually get

Nudge provides an easy to use analytics system that has been built from scratch, to deliver on the modern builders needs. Whether you’re a data scientist; developer, marketer, product manager, Nudge can play a role. The best tool is the one you use, we hope that’s Nudge.

All the metrics you need for the modern web

People, Impressions, Scroll, Drop off, Bounce rate (refreshed), Attention, Time of day, Geography, Traffic Sources, Earned Impressions, Attention by Social Network, Overlap.
People dedupes users to zoom in on how many people consumed your content. Bounce is updated to identify those that leave straight away versus read your content but hit the back button. Attention measures down to the second how long people actually spend on your content.
See how engaging your content is. Did they come from people sharing your content on social media? How long did they stay on the content? Did they scroll? How many stayed for 5 seconds.
Bots are everywhere, checking content, updating search engines. These are removed so you can focus on the real people.


Don’t just get data, get actual insights to how audiences are engaging. Copy/paste them into reports. Share with the team. See what changes over time.

Our insights engine analyzes all your data and turns it into human readable sentences. So you can get a better understanding of the data and shift from insight to action faster.
Quickly identify what content is engaging and where.
A surprisingly simple insight. Identify what times of day and day of week is your audience most engaging. Then zoom in on those times.

Go deeper than ever before

Drill down in to each individual piece of content to see how people engage. Or into each traffic source to see what happens after people click.

Each piece of content has a single in page analytics view. So you can go deep into each URL to see how people engage.
Time to scroll, where people drop off, provide a richer view of the experience.
Clicks need to drive quality, see if clicks stay engaged on your pages. Or leave straight away.


Use our APIs to build data experiences into your own products. Leverage our cloud measurement infrastructure without getting your hands dirty.

Serve our measurement code, then pick the metrics and views you want to show. Focus on your experience and leave the hard stuff to Nudge.
Data views help give users a reason to return to your product. Offload the heavy lifting to Nudge and focus on the right things.
Rather than finagling devops to keep up your measurement infrastructure. Or making trade offs in your products, leverage our infrastructure to build smarter products.
Need to roll up custom reports or comparisons. Use our API to get the data the way you want it.

Go Custom

Use custom events to capture anything extra.

See how people feel about your content, and send a custom event to Nudge to collect the responses.
Working on something fancy and want to see how people engage? Add custom events to track these.
See on page exactly what was clicked with custom events.

Privacy by design

We’re not here to sell your data to advertisers like other systems. Data should provide a feedback loop to help you improve in a privacy safe way.

Respect users privacy by discarding what’s not important to you but important to them.
This keeps the relationship between you and the customer.
See our section on metrics & privacy.

Nudge is an analytics platform, that offers unparalleled visibility in the attention of people engaging. Combining advertising, content, heat map and site analytics into one simple and easy to use dashboard. No configuration required.


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