Ben Young
Ben Young
September 13, 2023

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Get Spam by Oatly.

Great example of consumer goods brand living and bringing their brand to life.

Category: Food & Beverage, DTC

Featured in: Newsletter #388: 2023 Begins



BuzzFeed with Walmart.

9 Exclusive Walmart essential you need to try. It’s been a while since we shared a BuzzFeed piece, simple, to the point and drives what Walmart wants, more people considering (and buying) from

Category: Retail, eCommerce

Featured in: Newsletter #389 – Youtube Strategy


DHL with National Geographic

The race to save big cats. On how DHL helped get big cats from Eastern Europe. Brand storytelling bringing a real customer story to life.

Category: eCommerce, Logistics

Featured in: Newsletter #390 – Newsletter Subs


Verizon with Semafor

Turning their text message interview format into a piece of branded content. This is where branded content, that is created from formats or concepts that have already.

Category: Internet, Mobile/Telco

Featured in: Newsletter #391 – Sherman Act


PointsBet with CNBC

Super Bowl LVII culminates an NFL season marked by a surge in live betting. Leading with insights that folks expect from CNBC.

Category: Sports Betting

Featured in: Newsletter #392 – Austerity Measures


General Motors + Netflix partnership

General Motors Super Bowl Ad with Netflix brand integration. Hinting at the future of branded content on Netflix.

Category: Auto, Entertainment

Featured in: Newsletter #393 – No ChatGPT


Moncler with Highsnobiety

These two partnered for Monclers fashion week event. Just smart positioning to the right audience and extending a IRL event to digital.

Category: Fashion

Featured in: Newsletter #394 – Spot-tok?


Ikea with Buzzfeed

Ikea with BuzzFeed sponsored content. IKEA’s Viral Donut Lamp Is Finally Available to Buy — Along with 6 Other VARMBLIXT Collection Favorites.

Category: Home, Furniture

Featured in: Newsletter #395 – AI Cubed



An entertaining spot, featuring the product in a precious situation.

Category: Retail, Outdoor

Featured in: Newsletter #397 – Challenging Times


The Ride of a Lifetime

Tourism Switzerland got Trevor Noah & Roger Federer together for a train trip across. Each have a Swiss and South African parent.

Category: Tourism

Featured in: Newsletter #398 – Squashed Workloads


Cooling our cities

WashingtonPost with 3m. A global multi-lingual campaign.

Category: B2B, International, Thought Leadership

Featured in: Newsletter 399 – Capital Flows


Culture Creators

FrontOfficeSports with Sling, on the culture creators in sports.

Category: Telco, Sports, Thought leadership

Featured in: Newsletter #400 – 400th Edition


Understanding megatrends

Understanding megatrends can take the fear out of the future. Bloomberg with Mubadala.

Featured in: Newsletter #400 – 400th Edition


Secure your family’s legacy

Partnered with Bloomberg. Secure Your Family’s Legacy through a Portfolio of Alternative Residences and Citizenships.

Category: Finance, Travel, Wealth management

Featured in: Newsletter #400 – 400th Edition


Cleaning up the Oceans

Fortune with SalesForce+, following PMDP on cleaning up the oceans.

Category: B2B, Tech, SAAS

Featured in: Newsletter #401 – David Grann



Droga5 partners with NYTimes to show the internet rabbit holes we go down.

Category: Brand, Publisher, Tech

Featured in: Newsletter #403 – Outcompete



Atoms partners with creator MKHD to create his own pair of sneakers.

Category: Sneakers, Retail, Ecommerce, Creators

Featured in: Newsletter #403 – Outcompete



How Richard Boccato became one of the biggest cocktail ice dealers in NYC. Yeti with Eater.

Category: Ecommerce, DTC, Outdoors

Featured in: Newsletter #404 – Preference


Thomson Reuters

The future of generative AI for legal and tax professionals. Thomson Reuters with Axios. Simple and to the point.

Category: Thought leadership, B2B, Communications, Policy

Featured in: Newsletter #405 – Spatial Computing



Creative Ops firm Air created a short film called The Experiment. Super creative & engaging. I’m sure potential customers really enjoyed it.

Category: B2B, SAAS

Featured in: Newsletter #408 – Preparation



Choosing Earth: How to accelerate the energy transition. EDP with FT.

Category: B2B, Energy

Featured in: Newsletter #410 – Mindshare



TikTok on TheDrum on How maketers are combining brand and performance marketing – Brandformance.

Category: B2B, Advertising, Trades

Featured in: Newsletter #411 – Brandformance



Why purpose-built hardware is critical to advanced generative AI. AWS with Ars Technica.

Category: B2B, SAAS, Infrastructure

Featured in: Newsletter #412 – Zeal



Adam Savage’s Tested with Bethesda Game Studios, they bring to life one of the scenes from the game in a cutaway model. Neat partnership.

Category: B2B, SAAS, Infrastructure

Featured in: Newsletter #413 – Mythbusters



Esc to a better life-work balance in Wellington, New Zealand. They installed a giant Escape key in New York. Lots of tourism related work in 2023, a nice example.

Category: Tourism, Travel, Career

Featured in: Newsletter #414 – Agencies forgot


Huckberry Homes

Huckberry Homes, to promote their home shop they go on the road and hear the creation story behind homes. This episode is with photographer & filmmaker Ben Moon.

Huckberry do well in blending content & commerce, their video content is hosted on their sites, as well as on YouTube, with clear links to come in and buy. This series is like their own MTV cribs, featuring folks that are in their community. See their hub here.

Category: Homegoods, Fashion, eCommerce

Featured in: Newsletter #415 – Labor Dad


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