Ben Young
Ben Young
September 29, 2023

Edition #418

Dupe brand launches for lead gen, Swapstack acquired & b2b marketers are disappointed.

This week I had a note in Why is this interesting? On Interactive TV, I’ve been enjoying the Bear Grylls experience, where he takes you along on one of his treks and you get to pick what he does at key junctures. Super fun.

Prime Video also will soon have ads in the default plan, with Prime Video being a primary benefit for many countries, it’s probably a step function to a Prime Video only plan. But adds more trusted inventory to the CTV space.

There was an interesting example this week of a brand, making a dupe product, as a form of lead gen for the authentic product. I won’t spoil it but check it out under campaign of the week.

We also dove in to attention, what each second is worth to a brand. Over the 1 million sample we analyzed, looking at who dropped off each second. 2.44% of people drop off each second.

Whatever we do create, time is important. Hopefully you’re still reading by now 😉

Notable stories this week

  • Adobe’s CEO says digital content has a persistent tailwind.
  • It’s not just you. LinkedIn has gotten really weird.
  • Attention is helpful in providing context amongst other executions of the same type.
  • Podcaster charged in Ponzi scheme!
  • Meet the former FBI investigator exploring programmatic’s murky depths.
  • CVE is now the main metric in Hollywood.
  • Dissolving martech? Tech stack aggregation brings more power to marketing, more control to IT.
  • Agencies move on from creating content for specific platforms to focus on short-form video.
  • Amazon has quietly built an enormous advertising business.
  • Meta’s Threads struggles to grow.
  • FTC to host virtual roundtable on AI & content creation.
  • TripleLift releases industry’s first test results of third party cookie replacement solution.
  • As podcast advertising grows, brand lift data can help brands demystify the ROI of their spending.
  • Podcasting’s No. 1 agent now copes with crash of market he hyped.
  • Taboola introduces new AI-powered conversion optimization.
  • Snap partners with Microsoft on ads in its ‘My AI’ chatbot feature
  • [Long read] Inside Apple’s plan to change the way we watch sports.


Campaign of the week

  • A real brand, faking a dupe / counterfeit brand, to acquired new customers. Fun & smart.

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Smartest commentary

  • “We are a game studio, we want to make sure every person on the planet has the opportunity to play our games. Advertising is one way for us to achieve that vision. The key is that the ads are additive.”Jonathan Stringfield, VP Business Research & Marketing, Activision Blizzard
  • “Engagement and attention are sometimes used interchangeably, but they represent two distinct concepts. What’s the difference between attention and engagement? In 2002, the Advertising Research Foundation defined attention as the degree to which those exposed to advertising focus on it. Engagement expands on this by incorporating our brain’s processing and reaction to the ad, or, to put it another way, Attention x Resonance = Engagement.”TikTok

Datapoints of note

That’s it for this week.