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Nudge + Bloggers Club

Background   Lightbox – an on demand TV service launched into New Zealand. To help with their launch, they approached Bloggers Club a New Zealand based blogging network. Bloggers Club challenged 56 of their blogger influencers to curate and… Continue reading

Ben Young
Ben Young
May 11, 2018

How Nudge can help with Blogger Outreach

Blogger Outreach is a tried and tested methodology for brands to reach outside their audiences and capitalize on the great communities passionate independent bloggers have created. The challenge has been – how do we substantiate that value? Not only from the bloggers perspective – they want to charge fair pricing, and fair pricing means they can stick to their editorial standards and do right by their community. For their customers (brands) it means fair pricing in terms of performance. But… Continue reading

Willem Ockhuysen
Willem Ockhuysen
April 7, 2014

Are you refusing to do influencer marketing?

My name is Ben Young and I’m the founder of Young & Shand. We’re a digital agency who build products.  Nudge is the name of the product we’re currently launching in the US market. As the name suggests, myself and Duncan Shand started the company. I’m here in New York expanding the business and Duncan is in New Zealand growing the company there.  So far, it’s been a wild ride full of challenge, mistakes, learnings… Continue reading

Ben Young
Ben Young
April 2, 2014

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