Ben Young
Ben Young
November 7, 2022

Using a platform like Nudge removes a lot of headaches, it helps commonize the metrics between all influencers, hold them accountable, consistent measurement means you can track ROI easier – and build your own benchmarks. Here are some others you may not have considered:

Challenge 1. Using influencers for specific audiences

Using bloggers for specific audiences is helpful for brands when it comes to raising their profiles. The Nudge Overlap feature helps brands understand if they have any issues with overlapping audiences, i.e. the same audiences between multiple influencers, and can thereby determine which bloggers that is providing the highest quality and who to back (get in touch if you’d like to know more).

For example, during a recent campaign, a client of ours were trying to reach a specific city and found out that 82% were within their targeted city, which enabled them to tweak their distribution and optimize their reach.

Challenge 2. Distribution Sources

If a brand’s not going through a bloggers network, they really need to keep an eye on distribution.
They need to be careful about which distribution sources they opt for, as the wrong choice can really hurt their efforts. So it’s important that brands understand how people are arriving at their content (social or direct are sources you’ll want to see).

A good tactic of getting in front of an audience is using paid distribution, as it allows brands to control and ensure the right audience are seeing it.

Nudge can verify that you’re getting people in the right area. Get in touch to learn how.

Challenge 3. Share Copy

One of the challenges can be that there are more things that can go wrong – like a non-existent social headline, or that the text reads ‘example example’.

For example, Nudge helped Bloggers Club measure 30 content pieces and ensure that their content was performing. For those that didn’t, Bloggers Club could push back on them to optimize share copy that wasn’t working to make sure they reached a positive ROI.