Hollie-Blue Allum
Hollie-Blue Allum
June 18, 2015

Nudge has measured a high volume of bloggers network campaigns. Throughout these campaigns we’ve picked up some tips to get the best results out of your bloggers and hit those client objectives. Have a read through the tips below and then check out the Bloggers Club case study that you can download at the end.

Tip One:

Bloggers networks tend to be more agile than bigger publishers. This means that as long as you’re keeping an eye on the performance of the content from live date you can make quick decisions based on certain metrics to significantly increase reach. During the campaign keep an eye on the top performing content so you can choose the right content to promote. We would suggest looking at not just engagement and reach but also the impressions that are coming back tothe bloggers content from a social share (earned impressions). On a recent Nudge measured campaign, by looking at the earned impressions and virality (this metric shows percentage of people that came in from a share and then shared), the network was able to promote the right piece of content using less than 1% of their budget and increased their overall reach by 7%.

Tip two:

Networks tend to have high earned impression numbers, showing that engagement with the campaign can significantly increase reach. To get those high earned impressions you need to watch your bloggers share copy. It may not be at best practice level and it can hurt your overall reach. We strongly recommend that you ask bloggers to submit their share copy and imagery with their posts for approval. This is what your secondary audience sees and can affect your campaign. Ask them to not repeat the headline in the share copy, use high res images that show the connection to the subject in the headline.


Tip Three:

Social Sharing Buttons are important. On recent network campaigns we’ve seen that using share buttons can increase engagement rates by over 60% in some cases. Though people do copy and paste URLs these days, social buttons remind people to share the content. Also if it’s a food, fashion or house related post, make sure that all bloggers include Pin It buttons in imagery. The Q2 Insights for the Nudge network showed that Pinterest makes up for 18% of engagement across campaigns. If this platform isn’t showing up for you across paid campaigns – this could be an area for growth.


Social media shares


Tip Four:

Ask your bloggers to use the Facebook share window and not delete it (the window that appears after copying and pasting a URL into the Facebook page). If you’re using a reporting tool, it can’t track this as a share (as Facebook can’t track it) which means that you’re missing out on engagement, which means that you can’t report on it to your clients.


Tip Five:

If you’re asking bloggers to post the content on their social channels, keep an eye on their engagement levels and how often they’re posting. The Facebook algorithm rewards people for high engagement by showing their next post to more people. The reverse is also true. If their posts aren’t engaging it shows their next post to less people. Bloggers who post frequently throughout the day don’t always bring a lot of impressions back to the content. It’s better to ask them to only post once on a paid post day and give them a small amount of budget to promote the post to their audience.


Overall we find bloggers networks outperform most other campaigns due to the bloggers engaged audiences, relevant content and highly social readers. With the proper measurement of paid content campaigns you can insure ROI to clients.


“Having Nudge as part of our campaign gave us live data that we wouldn’t normally get from bloggers, which in turn helped us to give advice to bloggers ensuring their content had a positive ROI. Nudge has given us the ability to be able to compare bloggers using a fair measurement tool.” -Rochelle Shaw – General Manager at Bloggers Club


Download Case Study here