Ben Young
Ben Young
November 7, 2022

Best practices to consider when doing influencer marketing:

  • Find influencers who already use your product, i..e look internally. Look at email lists, look at key customers, it’s a lot easier to start from this.
  • Invite influencers to an event that they can participate in, create content. Those that resonate with you could look to engage with further.
  • Use an influencer platform to help identify influencers who have additive reach to your channels.
  • Look at longer-term engagements, or a campaign, rather than one post. One post is unlikely to shift the needle. Whereas an ongoing series of content helps build trust, repertoire and to learn.
  • Build a metrics model, to help understand success. Engagements, clicks, future purchases, increases in search traffic, increase in followers. All of these are signals of impact.
  • Focus on geographic reach, influencers can come from anywhere, so focus on data related to your data geography.
  • Continue promoting the best content. Don’t just let it sit on the shelf. Keep promoting it till it stops working.