how to measure influencer marketing ROI
how to measure influencer marketing ROI

The holy grail – how can I measure the return on investment of my influencer marketing. Do start by taking a look at our guide to influencer marketing:

This is helpful for establishing the basics.

For influencer marketing the big problem is getting accurate measurement, which is where platforms like Nudge come in, they enable influencers to safely share their data with you, and for you to view all your influencer executions in one dashboard. For example, if you worked with three influencers, you could see all of their data in one place.

This helps removes a lot of the headaches and cleans up the data so you have consistency.

So that’s the measurement side. This helps us with the outputs, what did we get from investing in influencer marketing.

Then it is worth establishing how much did you spend, include your time, resources, production, sign off, as well as the actual spend with the influencer. Then match this against the business value of the outputs. This will help you understand and articulate the return on investment.