Ben Young
Ben Young
September 15, 2023

Edition #416

It’s never been easier to make $50,000, content studios & programmatic.

Hunter Walk dives into the spicy topic of the creator business, super good, worth a read. It has some great quotable quotes but also speaks to the reality of it. Do give it some time.

“I am not saying it’s easy. I’m not saying it’s fair. I’m not saying it’s without tradeoffs. I’m not saying everyone will (or deserves to) succeed. But it has never, ever been a better time to try if you’re willing to commit. My earliest encounters with a personal computer, initial uses for the Internet, and 12+ years of product work [Second Life, AdSense, YouTube], were all driven by the conviction that everyone deserves the chance to be creative. And that the world benefits when little stands in between creator and audience.”

I’ve riffed on this before, this is the neat part about the internet, anyone from anywhere with access and creativity can give it a go, learn, improve, earn some money. And I think that can be forgotten, it wasn’t that long ago where if you didn’t come from the right neighborhood you wouldn’t get a shot.

Digiday also provides some hopeful optimism for the end of the year. Reading it, I think it’s kind of a, no news is good news kind of vibe. But at least a steady environment after covid ripples is a good one.

New week, new handbook, this week we shared the Programmatic Handbook, would love your thoughts. The idea is a short sharp handbook to help drive performance with practical things you can do.

Notable stories this week

  • Content studios are back and driving ROI.
  • The only thing which has failed about the creator economy thus far is venture capitals attempts to get their piece. Why there’s never been a better time to be a creator.
  • It’s time to banish the low rise jeans of content marketing.
  • A creator coach who’s landed 500 brand deals, shares his pitch method.
  • LinkedIn lets users search for all branded content partnerships.
  • How Barstool build an empire by swiping sports highlights.
  • Creator merch company Spring has been hit with 7 lawsuits this year.
  • The Arena Group launches a creator network.
  • Spotify to cut ads on white noise podcasts.
  • Google gets its way, bakes a user-tracking ad platform directly into Chrome.
  • ‘Start making more from the inventory we can’t sell’ DAZN is quietly ramping up its programmatic ads business.
  • Google’s Dan Taylor responds to calls for more transparency amid the Analytics brouhaha.
  • Marketers are hopeful yet reasonable ahead of Q4 and holiday season.
  • A local WhatsApp newsletter is helping people make the most of a Spanish city.
  • [Long read] The journalist and the billionaire.


Campaign of the week

  • Behind the Apron – Jennifer’s Story. Home Depot introduces us behind some of the leaders across its stores.

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Smartest commentary

  • “It might be harder than ever to earn $1 million/year as a creative but it’s never been easier to make $50,000.”Hunter Walk, VC

Datapoints of note

  • [Dentsus Global CMO report] 38% Of CMOs say they have already invested in ‘branded content’ as an entertainment marketing tactic. 37% have invested in TV Programming, 34% in Influencer partnerships, 33% in Publishing, and 32% in Entertainment Platforms, and IP.

That’s it for this week.