Ben Young
Ben Young
November 10, 2023

Using Nudge you can have your content benchmarks generated for you. It takes less than 10 minutes to get set up.Β 

1. Enter your domain.Β 

2. Install your code.Β 

3. Collect data

Nudge will show you on your insights page what your content benchmarks are.Β 

You can also search for any piece of content, to obtain its own performance. Covering metrics like attention, reach, scroll, bounce rate and more.Β Explore all Nudge metrics.


How it works

The Nudge tracking code, collects data on all of your content. It then shows you this data in a real-time dashboard.

For Benchmarking, Nudge compares all of the content data, and creates a benchmark from it. To see how your average piece of content performs.

Then each individual piece of content can be compared to the benchmark.

This saves you hours of exporting data, building a spreadsheet, trying to find the latest performance. These benchmarks are continuously updated for you, meaning you always have the latest and up to date performance as your finger tips.