Ben Young
Ben Young
May 13, 2023

This post outlines the metrics B2B marketers should focus on when it comes to content marketing. Marketers focus on metrics that indicate that the content is having an impact on its potential customers. And for B2B, every interaction is valuable.ย 

Nudge measures content marketing for many B2B brands and the metrics that businesses focus on are:

  • People, how many real people are consuming your content.ย 
  • Attention, attention is correlated to conversion rate so is vital.ย 
  • Bounce, whether people are engaging with your content or not.
  • Avg Scroll, the average scroll on each piece of content.
  • Social engagement, seeing how many shares your content creates.ย 
  • Conversion rate, the rate at which people take action after consuming your content.
  • Time of day, seeing what time of day is best for your audience to engage.

Collectively these help to measure the impact of the content.ย 


Example of the Nudge analytics dashboard
What a content analytics dashboard looks like. Systems like Nudge help B2B marketers measure their content.


Benchmarks for B2B Content Marketing Metrics

B2B should target around 48 seconds of attention for their content. Attention below this can mean lower conversion and SEO ranking.

Conversion rates of 2-3% would be ideal, but for higher scale or less targeted pieces may fall to the 1% range.ย 

Engagement rates can vary, depending on the other calls to action. But ranges of 1-3% would be expected.


This is part of our Guide to Content Marketing Analytics.