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Engagement when it comes to marketing is a key feedback loop in understanding how content resonates. See the latest tools, tactics and research from Nudge in increasing engagement.

Content Marketing Metrics

Your content marketing analytics platform should deliver metrics like this; grouped in the different categories; Performance; unique people, or reach, impressions or page views, bounce, scroll, drop off, leads, conversion rate, purchases, video views, completionFeedback; engagement, social…

Ben Young
Ben Young
February 23, 2021

This Week in Native Ads 10/11

We’ve been thinking about renaming the newsletter from This Week in Native Ads, native is now the norm and de-facto. Any thoughts or ideas? Format will stay the same, covering the pillars of native; programmatic, content, balance of art and…

Ben Young
Ben Young
October 11, 2019

This Week in Native Ads 3/1

The Ligatus acquisition might have snuck under your radar but this is notable consolidation in Europe. For American readers they are the TripleLift or ShareThrough of Europe (headcount of 180 vs 230) but they’d already been acquired by Bertelsmann the…

Ben Young
Ben Young
March 1, 2019

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