Ben Young
Ben Young
November 8, 2022

Content marketing is using content as a communications medium to deliver on a brands marketing goals.

The reason it is so popular is that consumers can access content anywhere, and often prefer to engage with content (over other formats) to learn more. Then make a decision for themselves, or speak with sales to figure out a deal. It is very consumer-centric and works on their terms. They can access it when they want, how they want and in a manner which is suitable for them.

Definition of content marketing is using content to provide utility to potential customers that deliver on marketing objectives.

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The recent growth of content marketing

The rise in digital transformation has brought a lot of new businesses to content marketing. As they make more and more of their business available in digital channels. In turn, meaning they need to reach their customers there.

This has bi-furcated the market, with a lot of more experienced brands and a lot of beginners. As they were thrown head first into content. For all though, this means increased competition and a need to level up, to improve performance.