Ben Young
Ben Young
October 21, 2022

The KPI that should be tracked, is the one that best indicates progress against your business objective. Starting with what you want to achieve, the work you are doing is to deliver on that objective. So you want a KPI that reflects that. It could be as simple as, how much content did you create this week. It might be one of the common content performance metrics:

  • Reach, how many people are we getting in front of
  • Attention, how long people are engaging for each click.
  • Average Scroll, how are customers consuming the page and content.
  • Engagement rate, what customers do on the page, and if they click out, to make a purchase, or sign up to webinar etc.
  • Conversion rate, rate at which people take the desired action.
  • Bounce rate, are people staying.

You might try and mix it up, by going, we will only measure people who stayed for 5 seconds each week.

That will help keep everyone focused, on what you’re trying to achieve and progress against the goal.