Ben Young
Ben Young
October 21, 2022

Starting with the customer, and working through, at what stage do they become a marketing qualified lead is the place to start. What things do they need to know? What do they desire to do next? Where do they start?

Then use content marketing, from further up in the journey, to support them qualifying themselves. You have to link the content, to that customer journey, and support it. You can’t just throw content at them, and go, yay. It takes more nuance than that.

Spending time speaking with frontline sales and with the customers themselves, to understand that journey will yield a lot of insight in to what content to create. And identify really simple ways to help create MQLs.

For example, if you’re a customer buying doors for their house, maybe a guide to how doors are constructed, different construction materials, or how sustainable the doors are. Helping to pull in potential customers, who are wanting to learn more about doors.

That’s a simplistic example. But the best content is often the simplest. Then you can use analytics, to improve and refine that content, to generate the most leads.

Practically when it comes to the content, make sure you have calls to action throughout the content, usually top, 1/3, 2/3 and the end. Why so many? Well you want to capture the customer when they’re most interested. And people do drop off content as they consume it. Of course, be tasteful and make sure the calls to action are part of the experience.