Ben Young
Ben Young
July 28, 2021

This post explores the advantages and disadvantages of content marketing through the lens of two hypothetical companies. 

Content marketing isn’t all gravy, so lets do a little exercise. We want you to imagine two firms, ContentCo and BoringCo.

ContentCo embraces content marketing but BoringCo does not. BoringCo misses out on advantages of content marketing but benefits from the disadvantages. So who comes out on top? Let’s find out.


ContentCo gains the benefits outlined:

  • A bank of marketing assets that perform 24/7 and last for years with little to no maintenance.
  • Direct market access and feedback from customers, or prospective customers, leading to new product development and/or improvements to current offerings.
  • A lower cost of acquisition, and improved LTV.
  • A distinctive brand in the marketplace which grows market share.
  • The ability to shape and inform the customers journey.
  • New capabilities in the team, content can be used for internal use, customer support, sales support as well as brand. Content created once can pay for itself numerous ways.

The net effect of content marketing on your brand is that it makes it more relevant, less stale, more dynamic and growing. It engages customers and builds preference.


However BoringCo, gets to sidestep some of the disadvantages.

  • Opportunity cost, all decisions have a cost, by doing content marketing, what is the other thing you could be doing? This is contextual to each company.
  • Often requires new capabilities & resource for content marketing. Who will create the content, moderate it, promote it, manage it.
  • Culture, content marketing is part of a wider trend of. transparency and authenticity in marketing and especially digital marketing. There could be culture clash if this doesn’t vibe.
  • Putting your name out there, many companies get by flying under the radar.

So what do you think, in the long run who ends up better? BoringCo or ContentCo? We hope you’d agree that its ContentCo.

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This is part of our Guide to Content Marketing.