Ben Young
Ben Young
October 21, 2022

It can seem like an oxymoron, why drive short term sales, when the reality is yes you always want to grow long term. But you also have to deliver today. And content marketing can be great for driving short term sales, as it helps to cut through with your audience, and speak to the immediate use case, or why to buy now. 

For example, you may make some seasonal content, talking about fall, and what products/services you have that can be used now. Seasons is a great mechanism for doing that. 

But also finding others, key events, countdowns, or partnerships. 

Consider utilizing coupons, or special offers, that expire. And are only discovered through the content you’ve created. Ensure that you have multiple calls to action, so people know where to go, to take advantage. 

And yes, make sure that enough people see the content. You may have to pay for distribution to do that. 

Analytics plays a key role, as it keeps you informed of what content is working, how customers are engaging with it and identifies opportunities to improve your short term sales.