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Video Attribution

Video advertising is like the dark arts, there are many different players; different environments, devices, vendors and ways it’s served to the end consumer. This makes it difficult to truly understand where and what combination is truly engaging consumers and lifting results. As a way to sort through this mess, video attribution is a way […] Read More

by , September 5, 2017

Content Marketing, Native Content

How we think about Content Attribution

Content attribution is the holy grail of content marketing and native advertising. Being able to demonstrate business outcomes from content is the ultimate proof point. And to be fair, it’s something that I (as the CEO) held back on at Nudge. Which sounds ridiculous right? But I thought that content attribution was so blindingly obvious […] Read More

by , September 5, 2017

Use Cases

Measuring Purchase Intent with Nudge

  Rooted in the family tree of predictive analytics, you find purchase intent.   In today’s digital world, purchase intent is now an actionable measurement.   By identifying purchasing behavior and which steps of the buyer journey that drives real, tangible value, you’ve got the information you need to set some very clear targets to […] Read More

by , March 29, 2017

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How Nudge Content Attribution Gives Brands An Edge

  Proving that consumers take action is the ultimate proof point. Marketers are too often lead to believe that a conversion has to be a final step in the buyer journey; that’s not entirely true. ROI metrics has been, and still is the number one problem for content marketers. However, this is no longer the […] Read More

by , February 2, 2017