the best content analytics 2021
the best content analytics 2021
I was having a virtual coffee the other day, jamming on different measurement tools being used when it comes to content. Content creation, content marketing, content optimization.With agile marketing teams, focused on getting the most from their resources, having the right tools can make all the difference.Many use a web analytics tool like Google Analytics, yet find that it lacks the fidelity to identify where content can improve and see the impact it has on the customer. What good is content if no one sees it, or sees it but doesn’t even read it?

Purchase/Attribution/Outcome data

This is the first area, looking to see the leads generated, the sales generated, the brand change from marketing initiatives.And here the tools vary, intermediary tools like Zapier are used to pipe data around, often to a Google Sheet or a board. The data is taken to places it can be actioned.Here the analytics happen when the raw data is presented in the context of the workflow.

The content itself

The next thing, is tools like Hemingway App, not necessarily analytics but feedback on your writing. The language. The reading level. Basics like this, paired with tools like Grammarly – ensure the foundation of the content is working well.It helps ensure the content is made for people, not for SEO.

Deeper Content Metrics

That’s where platforms like Nudge fit in, content marketing analytics, to go beyond what you get out of the box and give the team an action plan. Here is precisely how audiences are responding to our content, and here is what we do about it.