Ben Young
Ben Young
April 3, 2020

Recapping an internal note we sent to clients this week. We’ve put up a page covering Covid-19 and impact on marketing, media and content. We’re updating it daily.

We continue to offer Nudge to the community, COVID causes and insights sessions.

One big thing
This tweet stream from Alex Russell caught my eye – on mobile CPUs and the performance inequality gap.

The outtake is that the cheapest high volume androids today perform at 2012/2013 iPhones level.

When signing off work, browsing on your high-end last year's iPhone isn’t representative of the whole population.

As an exercise, I once analyzed the browsers on a campaign for a telco. We saw computers and browsers that were 10 years old, mobile PlayStations, Xboxs. People consume content literally everywhere and devices that you haven’t even thought about in years.

In downtimes like now, revisiting your QA or accessibility guidelines (or just establishing them) will pay dividends once things get back to normal.

Notable stories this week

  • How to Make the Case for Content in Uncertain Times. Good from Joe.
  • Complex launches ad services business called Catalyst.
  • Max sought to answer the question – how do you sell cars during a global pandemic?
  • How to use Linkedin profile targeting on Bing Search.
  • Influencers slammed for bragging about luxurious lifestyles during the pandemic.
  • Facebook is channelling $100m to news organisations. $25m through grants, $75m through ad space or Facebook marketing. Google is donating $800m in cash and ads. Read Saras piece for a run down.
  • Opera is inserting ads over Netflix for Disney+ in their browser.
  • BuzzFeed cuts pay up to 25% staggering based on salary. Highsnobiety cut back 1/4 of its workforce. Maven 9%. Gannet furloughs 1 week/month for April/May/June for those earning over $38k.

Campaign of the week

  • The Atlantic with fast to market content on re-evaluating your strategic priorities with PWC.
  • Bustle also fast to adjust with this piece on zone cleaning, how to keep yourself sane and the house clean.
  • Submit your own and view the best campaigns of 2020.

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Smartest commentary

Datapoints of note

See all our Covid-19 data here.