Ben Young
Ben Young
October 18, 2019

One big thing
This week I caught the Carat webinar focused on 2020 and Attention. With the election and Olympics coming up it’ll be a big year, a hard one to A couple of points which To cut through, you need to be relevant and to be relevant you need good content. One TIL was that for political advertisers, they have to be careful with targeting – because the right message to the wrong audience, can actually drive donations to your opponent.

The political focus next year will pull brands away from programmatic and to places where they know the risks involved. Avoiding the known unknowns.

Notable stories this week

  • Verizon uncovers the eight universal motivations that drive consumers to engage with content, topics and formats emerged from the data. These were defined as: Inspiration, Delight, Find, Connect, Observe, Entertainment, Information or Comfort.
  • Verizon to serve native ads on Apple News outside the US. As NBCU re-inks their deal for the US.
  • Native ads as a countermeasure to ad blocking.
  • As platforms and ad tech circle, podcasting’s small, beautiful age is drawing to a close.
  • Axios skips digital video entirely in favor of TV.
  • Netflix to boost marketing and content spend as it prepares for the ‘noisy’ streaming wars.
  • What the new cluster of digital-media acquirers are doing differently.
  • Marc Benioff shares the learnings from his first twelve months owning Time Inc.
  • Oracle Data Cloud cuts staff, as it moves away from third party data. This is reminiscent of Verizon and AOL/Yahoo acquisition. The mobile teams didn’t want to use the mobile data to power ads and attribution, risking a $40b business for a smaller one.
  • Reddit strikes a deal to share with Snap.

Campaign of the week

Datapoints of note

  • Targeting consumers with ads online is far more successful when consumers are online with a mission – going online to research something specific, for example. They are 28% more likely to notice brand content and 26% more likely to share that content, 43% more likely to interact with brands, and 54% more likely to buy from that brand.
  • Premium publishers are more than three times more effective in driving mid-funnel brand lift metrics, such as favorability, consideration, and intent to recommend. It also showed that premium publisher effectiveness is driven in part by higher viewability rates, which include lower levels of invalid traffic.
  • The conversion rate of the native ads and branded content that dealt with sports and included detailed information on each player and country’s team was higher than the conversion of any other content that briefly reported on the highlights of the World Cup.
  • On Apple News, “It’s a highly-scaled audience with high engagement in a premium content environment. The average user spends over an hour per month on it.”




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