Ben Young
Ben Young
November 4, 2022

Advertising that is designed to fit in with the environment in which it is served is native advertising. Ads that fit in. Rather than trying to put a round peg in a square hole, the ads are catered to where they are displayed.

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There are numerous types of native advertising in the IAB Native Advertising Playbook. The most common is a dynamic text & image based ad unit, which flexes to adjust to the ad environment.

You might ask, what are the differences between:

Native content is a type of native advertising that is often referenced to in the native advertising mix. This is where a whole piece of content, whether video or article, or even both is served inside a publishers environment. This is also referred to in the industry as custom content, paid content, sponsored content or even branded content. Publishers have adopted many terms, to help differentiate their ad product in the market.

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Analytics plays a crucial role in driving the performance of native advertising. Consider using a platform like Nudge to get the most out of your investments.