Ben Young
Ben Young
January 18, 2016

What is the difference between programmatic and native advertising?ย 

Programmatic advertising is the buying of advertising through online software.

Native advertising, is simply a new form of digital advertising. Some of the placements are non-programmatic, whilst the industry has been building the infrastructure, however the goal of all native is to be programmatic.

So, there is no difference, programmatic is a way to buy ads, and native is a kind of advertising. And that’s what people refer to when they say native programmatic, it’s native advertising available programmatically.

For some in the industry, this may seem unusual to give it its own term (programmatic), as you’ve been buying advertising through online websites like Adwords for years.

The reason it is talked about, it large advertising spends are still often done manually, not yet programmatically. To help unlock that spend the industry has looked at what do we need to replace. The description helps describe the present state of buying for that type of ads.

In the future all advertising will be available programmatically.

Further it provides avenues to talk about the benefits of doing so, such as real time bidding, adjusting your campaign on the fly based on data.

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This is part of our Guide to Native Advertising.