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View the latest stories, research, tactics and best practices for distributing your content on the Nudge blog. Use the Nudge platform to improve your content.

Factors which Drive Content ROI

As marketers, we create content to add value for our existing and potential customers. The aim of this content is to build brand loyalty, educate on products and services, or tell stories from a unique perspective. We hope that the… Continue reading

Jessica Toib
Jessica Toib
October 15, 2019

Native Tactics #2 Plan for SEO

Native tactics are simple ways to grow the value and scale of your native content campaigns. In this blog series, we’ll be featuring tactics that you may or may not currently have in your arsenal, but most definitely should. Over time, this blog series will feature a bunch of great tactics that you and your team should be utilizing – find them here… #2 Plan for SEO Search engine optimization need not be a dirty word for brand campaigns, it… Continue reading

Ben Young
Ben Young
September 5, 2017

Guide to Content Retargeting

Content retargeting is serving content ads to people who have already read your content. It’s a new tool in the content marketers toolkit and allows you to manage your content funnel a lot more effectively. Matching content to the buyers journey. For example: Someone reads your thought leadership piece. You then retarget a summary of your industry research. For those that read that research you retarget some of your latest case studies or customer interviews. The intention being to shift someone closer… Continue reading

Ben Young
Ben Young
March 10, 2016

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