Ben Young
Ben Young
January 28, 2016

I was reviewing a bunch of Nudge campaigns this morning – and wanted to share three quick things that can be done to improve.

Headlines Headlines Headlines

Headlines need to be punchy, that doesn’t mean short but a bit more direct in what the user is going to get.

Content Length

Don’t be afraid to make the content longer, not beefing it up with fluff but just sharing more of the story. There is a strong correlation between increased content length increases conversion and attention minutes and engagement.

Link to the client

It’s ok to link to the client at the top of the article, not just at the bottom. For users skimming the content, or have scrolled down then back up – this helps capture them and also for those that get it, or want to know more straight away.

Repost content

To help continue the engagement on the content, post it a couple of times.


And a few pro tips for Nudge users:

Make sure conversion tracking is on

Nudge can track clicks from the content but also view through conversions, enabling this helps give a better picture of your contents performance.

Leverage URL tagging

This allows you to split out your paid promotion efforts and see what’s driving the best content – > and also what is driving conversion. You’ve gone to the hard work of creating great content, now get it out there.

Use the Time to Scroll Graph

See how people are scrolling through your content, to see if you can increase the content length, or if people are dropping off.

Leverage our new WordPress Plugin

Use this to make campaign management a lot easier. Talk with your Account Manager to set up a time to get is set up.