Ben Young
Ben Young
February 18, 2016

Native advertising analytics enables advertisers to see what impact their ad campaigns are having. There are specialist tools which focus on each part of the journey. Upper funnel tools help see how long the ad was in view, and the frequency and CTR. Then down funnel, looking at the post-click engagement, like scroll, attention and conversion rate.

Nudge as a platform has specialized in this use case of distributed native content, you are either buying native content across multiple sites or programmatically and want better advertising analytics.

The challenge is in understanding performance, antiquated metrics like Bounce Rate & Time on Page don’t fairly reflect engagement. As you are most interested in that ‘one page’ on the external website.

When content turns in to advertising, the measurement standard has to change too”

You want to understand how the average user consumes that content, how many seconds they spend on it. And also if that content is promoted through an external source, do people bounce or not.

We explain more in this article, Why Content Marketers should Pay Attention to Attention Minutes.

What sort of KPIS should you have for native content?

We suggest an array of quality metrics to understand how well the content has performed.

  • Attention Minutes, at least 0.7 Attention Minutes. This is active time on the content.*
  • Engagement, social engagement, at least 5%
  • Conversion, you want to see post content consumption behavior, in the range of 1-5%

*A proxy for this can be average scroll rate, the two are correlated.

Attention acts as a point of comparison

Now you can use Attention to compare your written content to video. For example, this article shares the average Facebook video viewing time in their example is 18 seconds.

So you have one channel getting you 18 seconds of  Attention and another getting you 36 – it lets you understand where consumers are most likely to pay attention to what you have to say.

Hold budget back to promote the best

In any campaign, we suggest using the advertising analytics to identify your best content, through the above KPIs then go and promote that content.

Rather than over-creating content it lets you support what you’ve already identified as your best content. Further with Nudge you can make those decisions in real time as the data pours in.