Ben Young
Ben Young
October 14, 2022

This post dives into answering the question- how do you deliver branded content at scale? And maintain quality? Measurement plays a key role in enabling this to happen.

This is a question brand publishing teams and content studios at publishers often ask. As they seek to grow the impact of their branded content efforts, whilst maintaining the quality that customers expect from their brand.

Some folks, aim to build the content out quickly, then go back and iterate and bring up to standard the winners. Others prefer a quality, step by step build out. Both though, are aiming for the same destination.

To get started, work on creating an internal scorecard, briefing and quality control is how you can deliver quality branded content at scale.

Any at scale system requires a balance between providing guidance and freedom for creators to create the best content.

In fact, a good brief, helps creatives shape up and gives them constraints to operate within.ย 


How to deliver quality content at scale

Ensuring your content creation process has these things.

1) Internal scorecard

Your internal scorecard, is how you can tell if a piece of content delivers on your objectives or not. It should be tailored to your business objectives and what you anticipate branded content will do for you. ]

Then you want a reporting function for each piece of content, to feed into your internal scorecard.ย 


2) Briefing

A consistent brand brief and a campaign brief for specific objectives. This outlines more about your business, what your brand stands for, and what types of success youโ€™ve had in the past. Any references you like, or think will help.ย 


3) Quality control

Ensure each piece of content goes through a quality control process. To make sure that it works across devices, the audio works, the right things are linked up, with the right parameters or click trackers. Hint, it is often this last piece which is more overlooked, and where air leaks from the system.ย 

Bringing it all together is to run a continuous process of measuring return on investment, which helps you see, from each piece of content what is working.ย 

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