Great native content can drive conversions, it isn’t just about brand awareness.

Here’s an example of a recent Time Inc and Warner Bros collaboration on the ‘Batman v Superman’ movie.

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 7.08.07 pm


Using this piece of content as a starting point we’ll look at what a native content funnel for the entertainment category looks like. The goal is to drive awareness for the upcoming movie, engagement and then ticket sales for the opening.

Entertainment Native Content Funnel

Funnel 1-02

The Time Inc example we’ve provided is one of the best pieces of native content we’ve seen within the entertainment category to date. This piece of paid content is a perfect example of choosing the right publisher and audience for your brand and executing in the right format.

The above outline provides a blueprint for entertainment content executions through the funnel. It’s an effective use of first party data, editorial and native at its best.

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