Ben Young
Ben Young
February 18, 2016

Native content advertising is where you use native ad formats to distribute your content. Our post The Best Native Ads of 2015 has some great examples of best in class executions, further we have compiled a list of native advertising tools you can leverage.

You might be wondering, how does native content complement my content marketing initiatives, native content is a great way to extend those efforts. It’s like the icing on the cake, it helps draw people in. You use it to help get fresh eyeballs on your content.

What are the Benefits of Native Content Advertising?

  1. If your audience doesn’t engage on your owned channels
  2. Budget permits only campaign resource rather than ongoing
  3. Fresh eyeballs, if your content funnel needs a few audience
  4. Scale, you can achieve more scale and distribution


How to Buy Native Content

  1. Check out our 103 Native Advertising Tools for most up to date list of providers.
  2. You can buy direct with publishers.
  3. Using native units to promote your content, see #1 for a full list.
  4. Use a programmatic partner to put the content right on the site.
  5. Use the Nudge Media Planner to match your objectives to the right kind of content


What makes it native?

It is native, because the content has been reformatted to fit in to the site it is displayed on. Whether it is designed to fit in to the newsfeed like Facebook posts, or a YouTube promoted video.


It backs on to the trend of personalization, content is being organized and personalized by content feeds through Facebook, Linkedin & Twitter. In these use cases to stand out you have to provide utlity to the user as you’re competing for their attention with content from everyone else.

Native content has been a way to connect this interest to the brands which are leveraging content marketing.