Ben Young
Ben Young
May 10, 2019

One big thing
The untold story in the duopoly discussion is how brands feed them data, from their owned channels.

How does this happen? Via the Facebook pixel, or any Google pixel, on brands owned sites/content. Interest, retargeting, lookalike audiences are informed up and shared with other advertisers.

Why is this important now? With Google Chrome’s changes this week to privacy controls (mimicking Apple) and the ecosystem shifting more towards privacy. These signals provide EVEN more value than before and are slipping under the radar. Brands are going to all that effort to build audiences. Only to have them resold to others.

It is a trade off, use the tech, access the data yourself in your targeting. But is it a conscious one? I suspect for many they’re not even thinking about it. If you take a quick peek under the hood of major brands sites, this is fairly standard across the industry.

It’s a trade off that doesn’t need to happen, simply work with partners who don’t do that.

Finally, how do you think customers feel about their usage of your product or service being sold to others?

Notable stories this week

  • Amazon wants to pay the NY Times and BuzzFeed to help it reach more shoppers outside the US. Causing confusion, is this an incentive on top of existing affiliate links or new branded content? TBD and probably being negotiated right now. My POV, likely a hybrid, payment upfront to create the content, have it disclosed, then the affiliate fees provide a longer time frame of payback to the publisher. Who can use remnant inventory to promote the content. Or at least that’s how I’d structure it. 😉 And I’d measure it with Nudge ofc.
  • Let’s not lose sight of the aspiration of native ads. Yes, Susan!
  • Paid email newsletters are proving themselves as a meaningful revenue generator for writers.
  • It’s an arms race, Publishers prepare for an anti-tracking-dominant future.
  • Ad fraud may be down but marketers are cautiously optimistic at best or downright skeptical. Pushing off last week’s story from the ANA. Fair to be skeptical.
  • US digital advertising exceeded $100b in 2018.
  • Brian O’Kelley on Quora, talking how will companies combat Google’s upcoming Chrome privacy protections?
  • What we learned at the 2019 NewFronts.
  • NewsFronts publishers plug their brand studios but deals will still take time.
  • Spotify tests interactive voice ads.


Campaign of the week

Branded Content by Teradata on Forbes

Smartest commentary

  • ‘Spend ad dollars on anything that has a measurable, verifiable, ethical model (such a Good-Loop). Because if you don’t, then you’re part of the system that keeps bad actors in business.’Afdhel Aziz.

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