Ben Young
Ben Young
November 15, 2019

One big thing
The streaming wars have dominated stories this week – with the launch of Disney +. And what an incredible launch, 10m subs after 24 hours.

The story I really paid attention to was the Cadbury Amazon Fire TV partnership. Cadbury curated a selection of BuzzFeed's Tasty recipe videos to show on Fire TV. It’s yet another blueprint for how brands are using content, as the traceable commodity between all media. My take is 2021 will quickly follow this with digital out of home.

So your branded content, goes across digital + social, OTT/CTV, linear and then digital out of home.

Very quickly, content has become the banner ad – but of integrated media. I did a few tweets on this.

What do you think? Love to hear readers POV’s on this. It’s kind of, digital has gone deep, now it is going broad.

Notable stories this week

  • Showing the complexity of a world where everyone is a buyer/seller of content- Cadbury makes a movie playlist of recipe videos from BuzzFeed’s Tasty, that appear on Amazon Fire TV. I think Cadbury's money goes to Amazon, who gave a content production cut to BuzzFeed if I read this right. Amazon = distribution, BuzzFeed = creative in this instance. Although BuzzFeed probably also brought additional out of tv distribution to the table.
  • ^ Related: “BuzzFeed meanwhile has been ramping up its offering to ad partners. The publisher’s head of data partnerships recently told The Drum that it was among one of the biggest drivers of traffic to Amazon and has worked closely with analytics firm Permutive to better understand the audience it shares with the e-commerce giant in order to package it up as a service to brands.” Read my thread on this.
  • Thanks to Turner for the find, Zomato, the Indian food delivery app has started creating their own video ‘originals’ in-app. Nice, watch whilst you wait.
  • AI-generated fake content could unleash a virtual arms race. “Using publicly available AI tools and about an hour of her time, Tynski created a website that includes 30 highly polished blog posts, as well as an AI-generated headshot for the non-existent author of the posts. The website is cheekily called”
  • Dole gets into the branded content game.
  • How Bacardi is leading the fray in India with events and content.
  • How BuzzFeed has built a creators network for branded content.
  • Congrats to all the winners at the Native Advertising Institute awards.
  • Chrome's Security & Tracking Prevention Engineer shares goal to create a platform that enables the web to thrive "without allowing user tracking”.
  • Sharethrough to close UK office, to service from the US.
  • [Long read] Diving into P&G’s brand partnership with NatGeo. A great format and integration of tv through digital.
  • ABC will stop reporting same-day ratings, acknowledging the shift in viewing habits.
  • The Athletic and Axios raising funds, the former $50m at $500m valuation and Axios opportunistically. With a plan of goring their newsletter software business.

Campaign of the week

  • MillerCoors on Progressive Grocer with their piece, Building with Beer. A comprehensive guide to building beer business across channels. Love the simplicity of this piece; it’s very straight to the point, educational, and engaging (helps with video too). I also enjoyed its building block layout, which is a subtle, but clever touch.
  • Submit your own and view the best campaigns of 2019.

Branded content by MillerCoors on Progressive Grocer

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