Ben Young
Ben Young
August 16, 2019

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One big thing
What does the ViacomCBS deal mean for native & content? You may recall that Viacom’s Advanced Marketing Services (AMS) was expected to double this year. And that NBCU sold $1B at upfront to digital-first brands.

I would anticipate the offering will continue to evolve, around integrated TV, OTT and branded content. Data to connect it all. And having AMS being the force taking it to market. In a way NBCU provides the model or framework here.

The thing they will have in their favor is the level of investment in content, only second to Netflix. But open to advertisers.

Notable stories this week


  • MediaMonks to merge with influencer agency IMA.
  • WordPress buys Tumblr for $3m. WordPress cites the social component as a new dimension to their business.

Campaign of the week

Datapoints of note

  • Spotify has had 100,000 podcasts sign up for its beta since October last year. And 450,000 total shows as part of its catalog.
  • ViacomCBS will be one of the largest content spenders in industry, $13b past 12 months vs $15b for Netflix.
  • Hearst doubles global digital ad revenue year on year. And has run 200 campaigns with its global team.
  • Axel Springer news brands see 10.6% ad revenue decline in the year leading to Q2.





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