Ben Young
Ben Young
December 13, 2019

One big thing
Enjoyed Ciaran O’Kanes 20 things for 2020, in particular, his comments on ITP. You may recall ITP is Apple’s tracking protection technology which has significantly impacted mobile ad revenue.

“Safari has neutered the third-party cookie. Firefox has firebombed it. And Chrome is likely to gut it by year-end; 2020.”

His view is that this is the biggest opportunity, to better monetize based on ITP. And I like that, I like the spirit of it. People still use these browsers, how can we as marketers deliver smarter, more relevant messaging. i.e. you don’t need excessive tracking to know that your audience get up every morning, have free time at lunch and research your solution at this time. I’m with Ciaran I think this is a big big opportunity.

Notable stories this week

  • The free stock photography site UnSplash is selling ‘branded searches’ to brands, i.e. search for cash register and see the ‘Square cash registers’.
  • You should be making content like you make software, "Content iterates, just like your code.”
  • Snapchat partners with UFC for 200 plus discover shows.
  • Verizon Media laid off more folks this week :/. One takeaway is where they are investing. ‘Today we are investing in premium content, connections and commerce experiences that connect people to their passions and continue to align our resources to opportunities where we feel we can differentiate ourselves and scale faster’.
  • Cadreon extends native social ads.
  • [Long read and paid content] Interview with Max Raven, SVP of CNBC Catalyst.
  • The Washington Post technology division Zeus is growing.
  • Can TikTok rival Instagram for influencer marketing success.
  • WebKit releases an update on ITP tracking this week, fixing workarounds that have been developed to ‘be anti-tracking blocking’.
  • The Twitter discussion on Avast selling browsing data, not exactly what anti-virus customers were expecting.
  • Verizon brings digital out of home supply to its SSP.


  • You & Mr Jones, the brand-tech company, is valued at $1.3b after raising $200m (and prior 350m), now had 3,000 employees in 40 countries after 8 acquisitions.
  • Bloomberg acquired CityLab from The Atlantic.

Campaign of the week

Smartest commentary

  • “As I see it, all biddable media is programmatic. Search. Social. Transactional platforms (Amazon). Web-based display and video. Audio. CTV. DOOH. In-app. Marketers need to understand that programmatic is not a display channel and just another line on a media plan; it is critical to their overall media-buying strategy.”Ciaran O’Kane, CEO, ExchangeWire.

Datapoints of note


  • Next week will be our last edition for the year, returning the 3rd. Hope you’ve had a good year and look forward to catching up in 2020.




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