Ben Young
Ben Young
June 7, 2019

One big thing
I spent some time in LA this week, chatting with a cross-section of content creators. The consensus was that Netflix has been a net positive for the ecosystem.

One takeaway was how everyone is on the hunt for the next great content idea/series. Where and how can they get an edge on the next cultural moment? The competition and hunt for that (and data) is more fierce than ever.

It’s completely analogous to the competition for attention in branded content. That is the true threat today, cultural irrelevance.

Notable stories this week

Campaign of the week

  • Netflix on The Atlantic with a piece called ‘Introduction Coerced’, on how police interrogation methods lead to false confessions of the Central Park five. A great article created on the back of Netflix’s ‘When they see us on Netflix’ series.
  • SunChips and Today teamed up ahead of the launch of SunPuffs. Together, they are bringing fans exciting content and a live event with the help of charismatic Mom duo, Cat & Nat, the force behind #MOMTRUTHS. Here’s one of their recent pieces ‘Moms: Reclaim your snack break’.
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Branded content by Netflix on The Atlantic

Smartest commentary

Datapoints of note




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