Ben Young
Ben Young
April 5, 2019

One big thing
Google is in a difficult place with Chrome, Safari has ITP (privacy protection), as does Firefox and if they don’t level set, they risk losing market share.

Such a change would threaten a lot of ad tech, especially anything that relies on third party cookies. AdWeek has a piece on how they’re between a rock and hard place, and AdExchanger digs in to what it could look like.

My outtake, in a world of decreased targeting data, marketers mantra will be content and context. Which, isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Data wise? Like GDPR it’ll shift more data to be shared behind the scenes, rather than out in the open.

Notable stories this week

  • Really enjoyed these candid thoughts from the latest DigiDay Summit, covering programmatic revenue drops and changes in branded content.
  • Late last Friday Sizmek filed chapter 11. And on Sunday, the Comscore CEO and president stepped down. ?
  • Mike’s Hard Lemonade filters everything but the good news on WaPo.
  • Branded content margin pressure squeezes publishers. With VC backed publishers willing to do work unprofitably driving margins down OR a reliance on Facebook distribution.
  • Facebook pays Daily Telegraph for sponsored stories as part of an integrated campaign.
  • [Long Read] This was written for engineers, You are Not Google – but valid for most readers.
  • VentureBeat launches their branded content studio.
  • Cheddar intends to be profitable this year.
  • A collection of April Fools pranks, for some light Friday viewing.
  • Capturing attention is an art. Maintaining it is all science. And from Ryan Pauley, Attention is abundant, but you have to earn it.
  • Hearst on their brand safe content offering. Buying direct is the easiest hedge for brand safety.
  • Facebook ads to shift to 1 to 1 image ratios.
  • [Job] A friend is looking for a Marketing Director, if you know anyone good who is into content. Let me know and can connect.


  • Nativo acquires SimpleReach with a view to a more integrated offering for content marketers. Smart. And well done to the team there for landing it.

Campaign of the week

Smartest commentary

  • “My recommendation to marketers is to break down silos faster and have fully integrated marketing teams. When there are silos within the agency or company, the programmatic team is only focused on their results, and the content team or affiliate team or TV team is only focusing on their own results. When they integrate the marketing team, they can tie together results of the content team in conjunction with programmatic. Because when the programmatic team retargets people who have seen content, they see more efficient results. That’s the way of the future.”Lee Brown, CRO, BuzzFeed
  • Noah Briers tweet, on guess the year that these were the top challenges for marketers.

Datapoints of note


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