So, you’re probably looking for a solution, that goes above and beyond what your core analytics suite has offered, to track and measure your sponsored content. And this is exactly what Nudge has built, a purpose built toolkit for tracking, measuring and optimizing your paid [native] content.Traditional analytics have been built for optimizing websites, not necessarily content. Even then they’re not comprehensive enough for clients demands. Have you ever found yourself spending hours on a simple request from a client for a report?This is why we built Nudge, our team has felt this exact pain.How you get startedThe first step is to install the Nudge tracking code, across your content. You can do this via a CMS plugin, Tag Manager or directly into the template.Pro Tip: Nudge is activated in Google Tag Manager, simply enter your Account ID.Build your campaignsLog in to Nudge, add your campaign, and assign content to it. This lets you build the campaign up, for either Account Managers or clients to log in and see it.Ta da – you are now done.Nudge will begin surfacing native content metrics, insights and analyzing behavioural data on your content (at a campaign and single view level), all in real time.The best part – it’s pulled together in our beautiful dashboard.Now that you’re going, you’ll want to optimize your campaign:Amplify your content Nudge has additional tags, so that you can measure the effect of your amplification. Letting you optimize for attention minutes, and scroll.Nudge helps you identify, which social networks to promote on and which distribution networks are performing the best.Attribution You can tag conversion steps, to prove the ROI of the content you have created. An example would be tagging the client’s website, to see how many people who read the content visited the site within 30 days. To go even further, tagging a conversion action such as whitepaper download, store locator usage or direct sale.BenchmarksYou no longer need to worry, about how your content is performing. With benchmarks you can finally understand where you stand against industry averages.Our benchmarks feature looks at averages across the Nudge network. You can find out whether your engagement, attention, scroll and more are performing above average. A great insight to share with your clients.That’s it, you are up and going, as always we continue to add new features. Get in contact if you’d like a demo, to show you how to take your native content to the next level. We’ve included a brief demo video below:
 Further reading:Check out our Research Reports, which highlight by industry the best practices for delivering native content campaigns.Our whitepapers & case studies, such as the Netflix whitepaper, help show you how others are driving success in native and what you can learn from that.Join the community This Week in Native Ads: each week (yes we’re obsessed with native) we curate the latest news, case studies, stats. This is a great entry point if you’re wanting to get up to speed on native.