Gustaf Stenlund
Gustaf Stenlund
March 23, 2018

Nudge was the first in the industry to specialize in this particular use case: When content turns into advertising, it’s held to a higher standard.

Agency Roots, Pinnacle to Nudge’s Success

Nudge is a product born out of New Zealand agency Young & Shand. Unhappy with the content marketing measurement solutions available, they created what today is the standard in content marketing analytics for brands & publishers.

Prior to the development of Nudge, the agency consistently ran into obstacles when planning, executing and measuring content marketing campaigns. Most clients and partners were all to eager to have a “set it and forget it” approach to content, without thought to real time optimizations, meaningful benchmarking, or applying learnings from campaign to campaign.

The turning point came when the agency ran a campaign for a global spirits brand, and despite beautiful creative work, ended the program without any meaningful data provided by the publisher partner to articulate success or failure, beyond audience reach.

With the promise that with digital advertising, there should be accountability for, and measured value for each dollar invested, the decision was made to build a measurement solution driven that would empower producers and buyers of branded content to make sure that each campaign plan accounted for:

A) a great distribution plan.
B) the ability to measure and empower performance optimizations at all stages of the campaign.

The latter reason is what Nudge was built to address.

Since our beginning, we’ve focused on building useful tools, that not only solve the measurement and reporting problems that we sought to address, but that would also be time saving, thoughtful in design, and lead the market through innovation. The tool we needed.

Today, Nudge drives performance for leading brand advertisers and premium publishers. Having measured campaigns for over 25% of the Fortune 100, we continue to believe that content provides the best value exchange between brands, consumers & publishers.

Explore how Nudge can make your content work harder. Advertiser | Publisher

Nudge drives performance for leading brand advertisers and premium publishers

We’ve always believed that in the realm of advertising, content provides the best value exchange between brands, consumers & publishers.

Nudge makes content marketing executions simple and effective by delivering real-time normalized measurement and intelligence, with a consistent, transparent view across channels and partners.

Our platform provides the tools that empower distribution optimization in addition to industry benchmarking, attribution, video + social integrations, and bot traffic filtering, all supported by a world class customer service team that understands the needs of modern marketers.

While others in our competitive-set focus on viewability (Moat), or selling their own native ad traffic (SimpleReach), we put content at the center and go deeper. Our advanced analytics are built for today’s market, where content is advertising and third party verification is a must.

Nudge was born out of a need and we strive everyday to meet that need.

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what some of our clients say:

Colin Nagy

Colin Nagy

Executive Director, Media & Distribution, Barbarian Group
I would recommend Nudge reporting for campaigns that extend across
multiple platforms and destinations. It was integral to our entire
team and helped the client understand just how successful our
campaign was, in which channels, and why.
Jennifer Sun

Jennifer Sun

Product Manager at The Atlantic
Nudge is an easy-to-use product, they offer great support and had
a deep understanding of our client needs and the market.
Harry Inglis

Harry Inglis

Campaign Manager at Protein
I would recommend Nudge to any agency or vendor looking to make
content a core part of their offering. Clients want relevant
performance metrics and actionable insights for the often significant
spends associated with bespoke content creation. Nudge delivers this.

Explore how Nudge can make your content work harder. Advertiser | Publisher