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Trusted third party measurement for your content studio

Helping content studios save time and money with our trusted third party measurement & verification.

Use cases


Save time and money

  • Support renewals and build trust with trusted third party measurement.
  • Reduce reporting time with insights and data sharing.
  • Use less tools with our unified measurement.

Drive business outcomes

  • Improve sales with predictable outcomes.
  • Transparency builds trust.
  • Prove ROI through benchmarks and attribution.
Improve efficiency

Get smarter

  • Access industry benchmarks and build your own.
  • Automated insights for resource-light teams.

Things you can measure

Native Display
Native Display

How does pricing work?

A simple platform fee that scales based on traffic volume.

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Solutions by job function

Learn how Nudge adds value to your specific job function.

  • Win more business by predicting performance and showcase that to prospective buyers, increases confidence in your offering.
  • Renewals. A lack of understanding about how campaigns are performing is the #1 reason people don’t renew. Independent measurement provides reassurance.
  • Technology to scale native content. Nudge gives your team the edge you need to streamline your native operations. Enabling your team to manage more campaigns.
  • Resource light teams need tools to help save them time and getting analysis and insights to clients, support sales and make content decisions. Nudge saves you time with unified metrics, real-time English language insights and analysis (which can save you hours of analysis in trying to understand and report on content performance) and through its ease of implementation.
  • Our data can be ingested any number of ways: API, data drops, CSV, dashboard integrations.
  • The right metrics, built for content. No more shoe horning in metrics that don’t fit.
  • Lead with data assisted recommendations. Quickly and easily extrude stories from Nudge data to make stronger connections with your audience.
  • Identify what is resonating with your audience and optimize to that.
  • Having data to backup your ideas is the most powerful tool you can have.


  • Optimize campaigns instantly through actionable data.
  • Pick out the best performing device / source / content / partner.
  • Adjust budgets based on data, for greater ROI.
  • Helps establish KPIs that are inline with your industry.
  • Understand how you stack up against the competition.
  • Identify performance/improvements areas for future campaigns.
  • Enables marketers to optimize based on data, not just on ‘gut feel’.
  • Delivers great sound bites throughout a campaign.
  • Saves advertisers time and money.
  • Understand the contribution of content to conversion.
  • Strategically figure out where to spend time and resources.
  • Removes unknowns in your campaigns to learn what is/isn’t working.
  • Enables marketers to optimize distribution based on consumer behavior.
  • Equips marketers with the tools to understand the value of a source.
  • Helps navigate all distribution to easily get to the best insights.
  • Streamlines all the moving parts in a campaign.
  • Picks up on simple mistakes that can become costly.
  • Helps marketers sleep at night.
Publisher Features


Built for marketers to address a gap: better workflow, reporting and optimization for content.


Nudge video solution now supports Brightcove, helping marketers adjust and optimize their video campaigns.


The Ceros integration allows users to measure everything as a normal piece of content and tracks interactions without any additional code.


Optimize Facebook to Nudge metrics like scroll and attention.


Optimize your Facebook video campaigns with metrics such as completion rates, attention minutes & favorability.


GTM gives users another simple way to install Nudge.


Optimize your Instagram video campaigns with metrics such as completion rates, attention minutes & favorability.


Leverage the LiveRampIDs to connect Nudge data to your other sources.


Link proprietary Nudge data to attitudinal results on brand surveys. Smart solution for branded content.

Nudge integrates artificial intelligence into its native content platform.

Nudge embraces AI, not as a product within itself, but as a powerful thread that weaves through the platform and data science, helping to improve everything.

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