A real-time platform for publishers to manage and report on native content.

Nudge helps publishers demonstrate content campaign performance to their clients, transparently and measurably. By freeing your teams up from hours of campaign reporting, they’re free to put their time to better use.


Native is a emerging space. Nudge provides benchmarking support so you understand what constitutes great performance by content, category, and platform.

Normalized metrics, free from bot traffic

Nudge metrics are a purpose built blend of content, social and advertising KPIs to give an accurate picture of content performance. We also remove bot traffic.

Grow your native business

Nudge helps you report specific content performance, allowing your clients to double down on what is working and allocate more spend to your publication, now and for future campaigns.

Managed Service

You can fully manage Nudge campaigns yourself but should you want some help with extra reports, our attentive, agency trained teams will provide the best client service you’ll ever receive from a technology company.


The ultimate proof point, identify what content is driving conversion from which traffic sources, to drive better results.

Distribution Optimization

Distributing content is a game of cat and mouse, not all clicks are created equally. With Nudge, you can optimize to post-click metrics - so no more clicks wasted.

Real-time campaign dashboards

The Nudge Dashboard has no latency, there’s no need to wait for publisher reports to be emailed in.

See comprehensive, normalized metrics for your content such as reach, average attention minutes, scrolled, engagement, and more.

Native can convert: Here’s how

A recent campaign for a healthcare provider saw native content converting to action.

This included:

Which content converted; which distribution partners were most fruitful; and average time to convert.

The client learned that one piece of content accounting for 40 percent of conversations, and backed the winning horse by allocating more spend.



Nudge partnered with leading publisher the Atlantic to represent a leading healthcare provider.



Atlantic partnered with Nudge to innovate around attribution, to understand what measurable actions that happened after people consumed the content.



By integrating Nudge, The Atlantic learned what was performing in real-time, from an easy-to-use dashboard.

How Nudge Pays for itself for Publishers

As with any new investment, publishers need to be clear on how bringing on a new vendor adds value to current processes. The ultimate stress test for any vendor should be how it helps pay for itself and generate greater ROI. Read More

by Gustuf Stenlund, March 14, 2017