The life of a marketer is chaotic

The rise of content-based marketing has created complexity. There are many moving parts, with no normalized analytics.
Nudge is an elegantly designed piece of software to assess every moving part of your campaign, see what is working and what needs refinement and optimization.

Optimize on-the-fly

No more waiting for publisher reports to come back. Nudge has eliminated latency, allowing you to back content that is performing well, and allocate spend more efficiently. Time is money, and we’ve engineered a nimble experience for marketers that need real-time information.

Normalized metrics

Instead of a variety of metrics from different publishers, Nudge gives you normalized metrics built for purpose as native requires a blend of content, social and advertising KPIs, delivered quickly.

No bot traffic

Nudge only shows you humans that are interacting with your content. We eliminate all bot traffic to give you a clear picture of content performance.

Managed Service

You can fully manage Nudge campaigns yourself but should you want some help with extra reports, our attentive, agency trained teams will provide the best client service you’ll ever receive from a technology company.


The ultimate proof point, identify what content is driving conversion from which traffic sources, to drive better results.

Distribution Optimization

Distributing content is a game of cat and mouse, not all clicks are created equally. With Nudge, you can optimize to post-click metrics - so no more clicks wasted.

Real-time campaign dashboards

The Nudge Dashboard has no latency, there’s no need to wait for publisher reports to be emailed in.

See comprehensive, normalized metrics for your content such as reach, average attention minutes, scrolled, engagement, and more.

Use Nudge Data with your existing tools

Optimize Facebook to Nudge metrics like scroll and attention.

Adjust and optimize your YouTube campaigns with metrics such as completion rates, attention minutes & favorability.

Nudge tags can be fired in parallell with your DCM tags simplifying the setup.

Build segments through Nudge data and use in LiveRamp, or ingest LiveRamp segments into Nudge.

GTM gives users another simple way to install Nudge.

Case Studies

Read how Nudge has helped companies like yours.

Delta Faucet case study

How Nudge worked with Spark Foundry to demonstrate the success of their influencer content campaigns together with Delta Faucet.

General Electric case study

Find out how Nudge helped GE measure their Drop Science campaign over a mix of 70 different owned, earned and paid content websites.

Don Julio case study

How Nudge helped Protein with a consistent measure of performance across the Don Julio campaign.

Bloggers Club case study

How Nudge helped Bloggers Club measure over 30 pieces of content allowing real time optimization and insights.

Brands we've measured

American Express

How Does Pricing Work?

A simple platform fee that scales based on traffic volume.

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How Nudge Pays for itself for Advertisers

The challenge of bringing on any new vendor is understanding how it adds value to what you’re already doing. The ultimate stress test is how a vendor helps pay for itself and generates a greater ROI. Read More

by Gustuf Stenlund, March 14, 2017

What Clients Say

Michael Kahn

Michael Kahn

Strategist at MediaKitchen
If you want to understand how the audience interacting with your digital creative content, then this is a terrific product.
Colin Nagy

Colin Nagy

Executive Director, Media & Distribution, Barbarian Group
I would recommend Nudge reporting for campaigns that extend across multiple platforms and destinations. It was integral to our entire team and helped the client understand just how successful our campaign was, in which channels, and why.