Ben Young
Ben Young
July 26, 2019

I’m exploring the accounting treatment of content, that is if you treat it like an asset, how does or how would that change marketing’s P&L?

Typically branded/native content is one off so treated as an expense. But if it’s re-used or has a longer timeframe of economic output does that mean it could be treated as an asset? Especially on the brands owned channels.

Has anyone got first hand experience and/or analysis they’ve read? Would love to hear from readers.

^ I’ll share any outputs of this thread with all readers too.

Notable stories this week

  • The first edition of AirMail went out this week, the new email-first outlet from Graydon Carter former editor Vanity Fair.
  • Google AdMob opens up support for native, creating more in-app inventory.
  • AdQuick OOH startup settles on a CPE using ‘SMS’ as the engagement. Something I didn’t know (but makes sense) it’s illegal to put phone numbers on billboards by roadsides. They want to use this model to reach digitally native brands.
  • ^ Curious from readers, have you tried this with content?
  • NBC raked in $1b in ad sales from digitally native and technology brands during UpFronts. These brands “literally didn’t advertise four or five years ago.”
  • Snapchat snaps back and Facebook earnings are up 28% YOY.
  • Investors from Comcast Ventures, Lightspeed, and others name 11 hot media companies they think will blow up this year.
  • On Google earnings, they shared that total clicks were up 28% YOY but cost per click was down 11%. Reflecting the shift to mobile.
  • [Thread of the week] Via @dafrankel. The ability to find alpha in attention markets is an irreplaceable and invaluable skill.

Campaign of the week

Datapoints of note

  • LinkedIn sessions grew 22% YOY.
  • 58% of chief marketing officers have said they are likely to bring more digital and programmatic capabilities in-house within the next two to three years.
  • 50% of chief marketing officers say they will increase the amount they invest directly with ad-tech partners like Facebook, Google and WeChat, with just 7% not intending to move towards more direct spend.
  • NBCUniversal has a 10-person team dedicated to DTC advertisers, and is working with 150 DTC companies.
  • Amazon’s increasingly important online ad business, revenue climbed 37% to $3 billion.




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