Ben Young
Ben Young
May 31, 2019

One big thing
A by-product of consolidation, is the reduction in operations, both companies don’t need a finance team for example. But these teams are the lifeblood that keep organizations running, they hold the organizational memory and market knowledge.

The counter, is the rise in technology at scale to power and enhance processes. Consolidation is an opportunity to rejuvenate and refocus on what truly is most impactful.

As every other chat seems to be about the consolidation of the industry, keep this in mind and be a champion.

Notable stories this week


  • Kapost acquired for $50m, 3x revenue.
  • LinkedIn acquires DrawBridge to help unify LinkedIn identities. And how this might signal a return to advertising for Microsoft.
  • Sports Illustrated sells for $110m. Meredith will continue to operate it for 2 years.
  • The Trust Project raises $2.25m and becomes a non-profit.

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