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View the latest data, insights, research and case studies from Nudge on content marketing. Use the Nudge platform to improve your content marketing.

How to use Nudge Conversions with SumoMe

We use SumoMe to build our email list and encourage white paper downloads throughout the Nudge site. Their product suite is great, for helping convert people from your content. Nudge’s attribution pixel, works inside SumoMe, simply create a conversion in…

Ben Young
Ben Young
January 13, 2016

Native advertising vs Sponsored content

You’re here, because you want to know the difference between native advertising and sponsored content. Sponsored content has existed for a long time now, starting off as advertorials, and paid posts on bloggers sites. With the rise of BuzzFeed, who…

Ben Young
Ben Young
January 11, 2016

Content Analytics – The Old Fashioned Way

Content is something that is evidently growing and intertwining with marketing. So how and in what way was it used before everything went digital? When you talk about content analytics nowadays, everything is done through different measurement tools and Nudge…

Gustaf Stenlund
Gustaf Stenlund
February 20, 2014

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