Hollie-Blue Allum
Hollie-Blue Allum
October 14, 2015

Whether you’re an agency booking your first paid content campaign, a publisher adding a native product to your line up or a brand whose considering native content as part of an ongoing strategy – native content can seem daunting.

To help we’ve organised a list of our posts with information for publishers, agencies and brands looking at formats, success metrics, optimizations and what you can learn from others within your category.

Definition & Formats:

What is Native Ad Content

Native Content Formats

Why you need Quality Metrics: The ROI of Native Content 



Publisher Guide: Getting your native studio started

Native Content Analytics for Publishers – What you Need

How to Sell Native Content


Publishers, Brand and Agencies:

How to Measure Native Content



A Closer Look at Attention Metrics

Nudge Metrics: Attention Minutes

Why you Shouldn’t Stop at Engagement

Nudge Metrics: Bounce Rate for Native Content 

Engagement & Attention – You need both

Beyond the Click


Bloggers Networks:

Five Tips for Bloggers Networks on Paid Content Campaigns


Improve & Optimize

How to Increase your Earned Impressions

A Simple yet Effective Guide to using Native Content in your Marketing Funnel

The 5 Things you can do to Improve Social Metrics on your Content 


Best Practice and Category Reports:

Best Native Advertising Examples

Category Research Reports