Hollie-Blue Allum
Hollie-Blue Allum
August 12, 2015

Something that we’ve talked about a lot at Nudge are the quality metrics that Agencies, Brands and Publishers need to prove the ROI of their native content. But what about the media driving traffic to your native content? These content distribution channels need to be held to the same level of accountability as the content itself.

“Content distribution should be optimized by attention, not by clicks.”


Quality media metrics (for native content):

People: the reach driven by the media sources.

Avg attention minutes: how long on average people from those sources are spending consuming the content.

Bounce Rate: we covered this metric last month, you can read more here. But as a recap it’s different to editorial analytics which counts a bounce as someone who doesn’t visit a second page on a site. In terms of native content this is obviously not a useful metric, Nudge bounce rate tracks a bounce as a user who has left the page before it fully loaded.

The reason the above metrics help to show the value of your content distribution channels such as Facebook, Twitter, OutBrain or more is that they look beyond the click. Content distribution should be optimized by attention, not by clicks. With Nudge’s new media quality metrics you can start to review your media sources based on the way in which users from those sources are choosing to interact with your content.

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