Hollie-Blue Allum
Hollie-Blue Allum
July 29, 2015

Bounce rate has historically been an editorial based metric. It counts a bounce if you don’t click on another link, however, we now consume content differently. If I click on a link from Facebook, read the article and click back, that counts as a bounce with traditional tools. However, Nudge detects when you read that content – providing greater accuracy.

This new way of detecting bounces is also a valuable way to review the different media sources driving traffic to your content and to understand which platforms are working the hardest for you. For example, Facebook or Taboola might be driving lots of visitors but they may not be engaging with the content. This is also a useful metric in identifying potential fraudulent traffic to a campaign.

Along with the metric average attention minutes, bounce rate is one of the most valuable media metrics for your paid content. It lets you know which media distribution partner is driving the most valuable users to your content.

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